Mission Statement

To Unite and Mobilize the Global Spirit-filled Family in Completing the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

Who We Are

The Pentecostal World Fellowship is a cooperative body of Pentecostal churches and groups around the world by mutual agreement. It is not a legislative body of a national entity, but is a compromise coalition with the advance of the Gospel to the ends of the Earth and therefore functions as a service agent for:

1. Intercede for each other.
2. To support and encourage each other in evangelism and missions task.
3. Promoting Christian fellowship and cooperation among Pentecostals worldwide. Provide consultation and cooperation means between members and related agencies.
4. Share mutual concerns and ideas related to spiritual matters and crucial time for the Church.
5. Administer aid in times of crisis.
6. Promote the exchange of personnel in special service areas.
7. Disclose useful information and statistics updated for the benefit of the Church.
8. Position yourself to the world and governments in defence of the faith, social justice and the persecuted believers.


In the process of expanding and advancing its ministry, the mission statement and a new set of objectives were adopted by the Executive and Advisory Committee in 2011. The objectives are:

- TO PROMOTE AND ENCOURAGE regional and continental alliances amongst Spirit-filled networks.

- TO PROMOTE AND CONNECT Spirit-filled leaders - shapers of communities and nations.

- TO SPEAK to governments and nations when and where social justice and religious rights are compromised and/or violated for the sake of the gospel.

- TO FOSTER WORLD MISSIONS AND TO SUPPORT humanitarian efforts and where possible to provide relief aid.

- TO SERVE as a cooperative fellowship for Pentecostal Theological institutions to promote the development of education and leadership training.

- TO CHANGE the global contour of Christianity by emphasizing coordinated worldwide prayer.

- TO ORGANIZE a triennial celebration (Pentecostal World Conference) that will gather the global Spirit-filled family to advance the mission and purposes of the Pentecostal World Fellowship.


Any national council, fraternal or independent organization, or church that subscribes to the Statement of Faith and can substantiate such agreement through organizational statements of faith, which desires to cooperate in the work of the Pentecostal World Fellowship, is eligible to apply for membership by completing an application sent to the office of the chairperson along with the organization's statement of faith, particulars of its official member representative, and a recommendation letter from an Advisory Committee member representing the continent/region of the applicant.

Regional or national fellowships (or groups) shall also be eligible to apply for membership in the Pentecostal World Fellowship. Constituent bodies of these regional or national fellowships (or groups) must join as stand-alone organizations in order to have membership in the Pentecostal World Fellowship. The requirements stipulated in paragraph (1) above shall also apply to this group of applicants. Membership is subject to the approval of the Advisory Committee by a simple majority vote.

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The PWF Leadership

Global Membership

24th Pentecostal World Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Pentecostal World Conference is the triennial celebrative gathering of Pentecostals and Charismatics - a ministry facilitated by The Pentecostal World Fellowship.

The conference's programme appeal to the diverse generational and international groups that converge from different parts of the world. Conference speakers are internationally renowned Pentecostal/ Charismatic leaders whose messages are relevant and significant to the current developments in the church of Jesus Christ and in the marketplace.

The worship sessions, in keeping with "traditional" Pentecostal fervency are enthusiastic, dynamic and above all, Holy Spirit led. Since1947, hundreds of thousands of ministers and laymen have been trained, challenged, provided with networking opportunities, revived and empowered to fulfil the purposes of God for the nations.